"What we saw was mental acuity being diminished in real time" - Democratic strategist call for BIDEN to be replaced after his bad performance in debate with TRUMP

Friday, June 28, 2024 - A Democratic strategist, Theryn Bond has called for the party to replace Joe Biden and named three potential alternatives.

The call comes after Biden's poor showing in the Thursday night debate with former US president Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is three years and seven months older than former President Donald Trump but in the debate, the gap between the 81-year-old incumbent and his 78-year-old challenger seemed much larger as he made gaffes continuously in the debate.

Theryn Bond said California governor Gavin Newsom and Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer could be candidates, but the "mostly likely replacement" is Vice President Kamala Harris.

But the strategist said Harris could not deliver a victory for the party because the US was "not ready" for a Black woman to be president.

"Unfortunately as much as I want the US to be ready for a Black woman to be president, they are not ready," she said to Sky News.

"This country is not ready. This country is too divisive, unfortunately, we're just not there. I don't think she would be the one to take the Democratic Party to victory."

‘Without a replacement, the country will be forced to choose between a convicted felon and "somebody in mental decline", she said.

She added: "What we saw was mental acuity being diminished in real time and that's very sad when you know what someone's professional trajectory looks like and then you see a decline in real time."

When asked at the debate whether he would urge Joe Biden to end his campaign, Newsom said no, appearing to rule out a challenge.

David Axelrod, a key adviser behind Barack Obama's successful presidential campaigns, said Biden wouldn't be inclined to leave the race.

"This is a guy with a lot of pride... who believes in himself," he told CNN.

Biden allies have dismissed the idea of change, with a potential alternative, Governor Gavin Newsom, rejecting the idea the president should end the campaign.

But, some Democrats expect calls to oust Biden to grow.

"The chatter of replacement is absolutely going to explode,"  a veteran Democratic strategist told NBC.

"There is no coming back from this disaster."

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