Watch the moment cops arrested IAN NJOROGE, the man who beat up a traffic cop in Mirema - He was ordered to wear the same clothes he wore when assaulting the cop (VIDEOs).

Monday, June 3, 2024 - A 19-year-old man who was captured on camera viciously attacking a traffic police officer at Mirema has been arrested.

The suspect, known as Ian Njoroge, was hiding at his rental apartment at Green Span estate in Donholm when he was arrested.

Videos of the suspect’s dramatic arrest have since surfaced on social media.

Police ordered him to wear the same clothes he was wearing when he assaulted the traffic cop and interrogated him before he was taken to the police station.

In the videos, the young man is seen pleading for mercy and saying that he regrets his actions.

“I have never assaulted a police officer in the past. I acted out of explosive anger,” he says but the cops shut him down and remind him that the officer he assaulted is the same age as his father.

“Do you know that officer is like your father?” one of the cops asks him.

Another cop demands to know where the suspect went for training as they continue harassing him.

“Ulienda training ya kupiga askari wapi?” he mocks the visibly shaken suspect.

According to an incident report made at the Kasarani police station, the traffic officer, Jacob Ogendo, was on duty on Kamiti Road when he spotted a motor vehicle making a U-Turn on the road causing obstruction to other road users.

"When the officer approached the said motor vehicle, the driver hit the road kerb and got stuck. 

"In the process, the officer managed to enter the vehicle on the front passenger's seat and instructed the driver to drive to the police station," reads the report.

"On reaching the opposite quick mart, the driver suddenly stopped and drew a sword under the seat. The officer jumped out of the vehicle for his own safety and the driver followed him with blows and kicks."

The officer is said to have been rescued by members of the public and taken to Crestview Mother and Child Wellness Center Kasarani for treatment.

He was later referred to Mama Lucy for further treatment.

Watch the videos of the suspect’s arrest.

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