Venomous snake found in child’s bed, attempting to blend in with stuffed animals (VIDEO)

Friday, June 21, 2024 - A venomous snake was caught on a child’s bed inside an Australian house as it tried to blend with the child’s stuffed animals.

The red-bellied black snake was found on Sunday morning, June 16, in the town of Jimboomba.

Shocking video posted online showed Bryce Lockett, who works at the company Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, removing the serpent.

He is seen as he leans over the bed, moves a cuddly toy out of the way and picks up the snake near its tail.

“There he is,” Lockett said as the rest of the reptile’s body wriggled around.

Lockett then led the snake into a long enclosed net on the bedroom floor, slightly touching its tail to usher it in before the catcher left with the reptile.

Red-bellied black snakes are mostly seen on the east coast of Australia and — though venomous — are typically shy, only lashing out when they are harassed, according to the Australian Museum.

Watch the video below.

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