Shock as Chief Justice MARTHA KOOME remains silent as Police continue to kill and abduct young Kenyans

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 - Kenyans on X have questioned the silence of Chief Justice Martha Koome who is supposed to speak when the police and the government ignore the constitution by killing unarmed demonstrators who are protesting against the Finance Bill 2024.

Over the last two weeks, police have killed two Kenyans and injured hundreds during demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2024.

Koome, who heads a department that guards the constitution, has not spoken about the police breaking the constitution by killing unarmed demonstrators and abducting them.

The Kenyan constitution allows Kenyans to demonstrate and picket and it is unlawful for any police officer to kill or abduct them.

Here are comments from some Kenyans castigating Koome for being silent when the government and police are killing and abducting innocent Kenyans.

 Martha Koome got into bed with these people that’s why the former CJ has declared his stance on the abductions before she has Alafu Justice Mwilu was crying on TV calling us stupid Kenyans who want to kill judges @CJMarthaKoomeyou have been complicit and silent,” Captain Cook wrote on Facebook.

CJ Martha Koome is just quiet. What is wrong with that woman? Why is she not condemning these abductions and police brutality against the citizens? #RejectFinanceBill2024,” James Wanjeri wrote.

Martha Koome was given an opportunity to prove the judiciary can deliver under a woman leadership but she will go down as the worst incompetent chief justice in the history of Kenya,” Mash Ruene wrote


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