She is my grandmother and they want to disinherit her - KBC anchor, JAMILA MBUGUA, speaks after a staff at MUDAVADI’s office hired goons together with his wife and invaded his mother-in-law’s multi-million property.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 Joe Karago, a staff member in the Office of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, hired goons together with his wife Sally and invaded his mother-in-law’s prime property.

Sally has been having a tussle with her mother over the multi-million property.

She wants to disinherit her mother by force and is using her husband to intimidate her.

They raided the property on Wednesday morning and locked her mother out.

Sadly, Sally’s mother has brought them single-handedly after their father died.

Her mother told her to rent out the premises during Covid as a rescue plan but she wants to take over the property by force.

The row over the property was revealed by KBC anchor Jamila Mbugua, whose victim happens to be her grandmother.

This is my grandmother, Mrs. Macharia, a widow, for the last 45+ years, during which she raised her 5 daughters single-handedly. 

"Sally Karago, my aunty, now wants to disinherit her by force and it’s shameful. 

"The agreement was, she rents out the premises, as a rescue plan during Covid,’’ Jamilla tweeted.

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