See what MILLICENT OMANGA told GEN Z after winning a tender to supply furniture worth Sh 1 billion to state house

Monday, June 24, 2024 - Former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has continued to vomit on Kenyans currently demonstrating against the punitive and retrogressive Finance Bill 2024.

Omanga is among senior government bureaucrats who have been looting the economy through corruption and inflated tenders.

In fact, the latest reports show that Omanga won a tender worth Sh 1 billion to supply furniture to state houses.

After winning the tender, Omanga vomited on Kenyans after she was spotted showing off her brand new Range Rover worth Sh 40 million.

Since Kenyans have taken to the streets due to the government's gluttonous character, Omanga has thrown her voice to try to pacify Gen Z who have organized a series of demonstrations against the Finance Bill this week.

In a tweet, Omanga said the President will consider the youths and they will be brought to the table to share the national cake with others.

“Yesterday, the president said Gen Z will be included in the National decision-making processes as a measure to enhance inclusivity. 

"I think this is an important step as the young people progressively grab seats at the table rather than being on the menu. 

"Young people are winning,” Omanga wrote on X.


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