RUTO’s daughter, CHARLENE, now ready to join Gen Z revolution against her father as she gives her stand on the Finance Bill – Look!

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 – President William Ruto’s daughter, Charlene, has broken her silence over the ongoing demonstrations by the Gen Zs against the contentious Finance Bill.

In a statement, Charlene commended young Kenyans who had turned up to demonstrate against the Finance Bill 2024. 

She remarked that as a youth champion, she was cognizant of the cries of the Gen Z and she appreciated that the young generation cared about current affairs.

“This is a game-changer. Let us do it consistently, in an informed manner, with respect and honour. That is how we will be heard,” she stated. 

However, she was confident that President William Ruto would never mislead the nation.

"I stand at a very unique position regarding the issues facing my country Kenya as we speak," she stated noting that she was a youth champion but also the President's daughter.

As a president's daughter, she remarked that she had watched her father climb the political ladder in the last three decades and she believed he wanted what was best for the nation.

"Seeing his work and passion behind the scenes, that he truthfully holds the best interests of Kenyans at heart," she defended her father.

Charlene while not outrightly supporting or rejecting the Finance Bill asked young Kenyans to always stand up for their rights and raise their concerns when aggrieved. 


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  1. First Daughter ( Miss Ruto) is trying to fool people.Read her statement carefully.