Quiver Lounge Kitengela manager accused of taking advantage of waitresses - A beautiful waitress almost breaks down as she narrates how she was fired for refusing to have ‘fun’ with him(VIDEO).

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - A rogue manager at Quiver Lounge Kitengela branch is on the spot for reportedly taking advantage of waitresses.

His behaviours were exposed to the public after a pretty waitress took to social media and claimed she was fired after refusing to have ‘fun’ with him.

She claimed that the manager has been making the lives of the waitresses miserable.

“Ladies cannot work in peace because they have not given themselves to the manager,” she ranted.

The aggrieved lady said she was trying to make a living, only to encounter the shameless manager who wanted to take advantage of her.

She was fired after rejecting his advances.

Her video has since gone viral, with most people urging the club owner to take disciplinary action against the manager.

Watch the video.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Shame on that manager, he should loose his job to& be blacklisted if proved guilty. That's a brave& smart woman. Usifanyie watoto wa mtu hivo God is just even if you have money He'll repay you for what you did..haezi shindwa

  2. This is not only shameful but evil for such to happen in this day and age. The owners should relieve this manager of his duties to face the same pain these girls are facing or the patrons should abandon thew club if nothing is done to remedy the situation.