No more talking, it’s time to act – Gen Zs reject RUTO’s invite for a sit-down as they vow to continue with their revolution

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 - After President William Ruto extended an olive branch to Gen Z and millennial protesters upset over his punitive Finance Bill, the young protesters have refused to negotiate.

Speaking to the press yesterday, the Gen Zs said they will not meet Ruto for any talks, saying it is time to act now after the president refused to listen to them.

They maintained that their singular ultimatum is for the executive and the legislature to abandon the Finance Bill 2024 in its entirety.

As a result, they vow that a nationwide protest will be staged today as Parliament debates the bill through the second and third readings.

Addressing a church service in Nyahururu on Sunday, the Head of State extended an invitation to the protesters for a conversation centering around the Finance Bill.

"I want to congratulate our young people for coming out and being concerned about Kenya's affairs.

" They have done a democratic duty to stand and be recognized. 

"We are going to have a conversation with the youth. 

"We are going to engage them. 

"They have stood out and have been recognized. 

"I am very proud of our young people. 

"They have stepped forward, tribeless and peaceful," Ruto stated.


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