JOWIE’s father’s last wish on his deathbed before he succumbed to cancer revealed - This is painful.

Monday, June 17, 2024 - The family of convicted murderer Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has recounted their father’s last moments before he died at Nakuru Level Five Hospital while undergoing treatment.

Jowie’s sister, Jane Irungu, revealed that their father spent his last moments wishing for his son to be set free from prison.

According to her, the patriarch longed for the day their brother would leave prison so he could talk to him.

 She revealed that during his last days, the heartbroken father had insisted that they take him to Kamiti Maximum Prison to see his son.

“On his deathbed, he claimed to have had visions of his son being released from prison," she said.

Jowie's conviction tore his family apart, leaving them shattered as they believed their kin had been unfairly imprisoned.

Jowie’s father was convinced that his son was framed to cover up for someone else's crime, but the real culprits were at large

He was rushed to Nakuru Level Five Hospital over the weekend after his condition deteriorated.

Plans were underway to transfer him to Nairobi for further treatment before he died.

Family members requested the government to allow Jowie to bury his father, even if under the protection of the police.

Jowie's lawyer, Andrew Muge, disclosed that the legal team was exploring the possibility of having his client attend his father's burial.

Muge noted that Mwangi was in extreme pain at every court attendance during the prosecution period, but did his duty as any loving father would.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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