Is GEN Z planning to storm the JUDICIARY after PARLIAMENT? – See what LSK President FAITH ODHIAMBO told Chief Justice MARTHA KOOME and her corrupt judges


Friday, June 28, 2024 Law Society of Kenya President, Madam Faith Odhiambo, has criticized the Judiciary, led by Chief Justice Martha Koome, for its silence as police continue to kill the country's youth, commonly known as Gen Z.

Speaking on Spice FM, Faith, who has been a darling of Genz protesting over the punitive finance bill 2024, warned the Judiciary, especially the corrupt judges, that they will come for them.

She also said Kenyans, especially the young people, do not trust the judiciary and asked Koome ‘to shape up or ship out’.

“CJ Martha Koome should shape up or ship out. Kenyans need to regain trust in the Judiciary,” Faith stated.

The LSK boss further attacked the Central Police Station in Nairobi, terming it as a ruthless police station that doesn’t respect the law.

She accused some police officers working at the station of living in the Stone Age era and warned that they would be the next target after Kenyans address the Finance Bill 2024 protests.



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