I am ready to surrender! Terrified Haiti Gang leader BARBECUE now begs government hours before RUTO’s troops touch down

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 - Just hours before Kenyan police officers are scheduled to land in Port-au-Prince in Haiti, notorious gang leader Jimmy Cherizier, popularly known as Barbecue, has changed tune and is now ready to end the war.

In a surprise move, Barbecue penned a letter to the Haitian government seeking dialogue to avoid confrontation with Kenyan troops.

Barbeque, who had in the past dared Kenyan police officers, remarked that he was seeking to explore peace initiatives being advanced by Prime Minister Garry Conille.

Initially, Barbeque had accused the Kenyan-led multinational force of infringing on the sovereignty of Haiti. 

"If the Kenyan military or police come, whatsoever, I will consider them, aggressors,” the gang leader had vowed on March 2024. 

“We will consider them as invaders and we do not have to collaborate with any invaders that have come to walk over our independence.”

The gang leader, who is a former police officer, seemingly succumbed to pressure following a government-led raid in his base at the nation’s capital. 

With the Kenyan police force further expected to limit Barbeque’s hold in the Caribbean nation, he has now shown a willingness to end his reign of terror. 

In his letter to the government, Baberque remarked that his gang was willing to stay confined in their base and stop patrolling the streets.

This would give the people of Haiti freedom to resume normal life as well as bring peace to the war-torn country. 

President William Ruto has already deployed 400 police officers to Haiti.


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