HOLY FAMILY BASICILA church works in cahoots with rogue cops to arrest protesters as JAMIA MOSQUE shields protesters and offers free medical services to the injured.

Thursday, June 20, 2024 - Kenyans have called out clerics at Holy Family Basicila church for working in cahoots with rogue police officers to arrest protesters who flocked to the Nairobi CBD to protest against the punitive finance bill.

The expansive Catholic Church locked doors for protesters who tried to get inside after being chased by the police.

It is also alleged that the cops were allowed to hide inside the church and pounce on protesters trying to access Parliament Road.

At the same time, Jamia Mosque shielded protesters against police brutality and provided free medical services to the injured.

Renowned activist Boniface Mwangi thanked clerics at Jamia Mosque for standing in solidarity with the protesters.

“The good people at Jamia Mosque have opened their doors to medics to provide first aid. The clerics at Jamia know service to humanity, is serving God. 

"May God bless them, and give them long life. We salute the Jamia Mosque leadership and the believers who worship there,’’ he tweeted.


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