Go on vacation and enjoy yourself because you warned us but we never listened - Kenyans tell RAILA to let RUTO kill them with taxes

Sunday, June 9, 2024 - A section of Kenyans has urged Azimio Leader Raila Odinga not to bother himself anymore with Kenyans amid the high cost of living which has been exacerbated by President William Ruto and his appetite for higher taxes.

According to some Kenyans, Raila should just mute and relax, or better still go on a vacation and enjoy himself and leave them to suffer under Ruto since he warned them but they never listened.

This follows Raila’s comment on the contentious Finance Bill, 2024.

In a strong-worded statement on Friday, Raila described the contentious Finance Bill 2024 as a disaster in the making.

The ODM party leader observed that Kenyans were experiencing the highest tax burden since independence, adding that services had also become difficult to access.

"The tax burden in Kenya is at its highest level since independence, but public services have largely remained on their knees. 

"As if this is not bad enough the Finance Bill 2024 proposes even more and higher taxes. It's a disaster in the making," he said.

However, a large section of his audience has urged him to avoid the topic and concentrate on his African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson bid.

Mainly from his support base, the users urged the former premier to shelve his fight for social justice and think about his welfare.

Most reminded Raila of incidents when he's responded to outcries only to be turned into a villain.


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