GACHAGUA could be going mad as CS KURIA wants him checked at Mathari mental hospital over his one-man, one-shilling campaign and tribal politics

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 - Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Cabinet Secretary (CS) Moses Kuria has delved into the ongoing one-man, one-shilling debate and insinuated that the proponents of the idea, led by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, may be mentally unstable.

Speaking during the launch of county dissemination forums, Kuria dismissed Gachagua’s one man, one shilling campaign, saying the proposal was unhealthy for the country.

The CS explained that if allowed the debate could only serve to balkanize the country along ethnic lines.

Kuria revealed that during his travels across the country, citizens had asked him if leaders from Mt Kenya were okay with championing the debate.

"We need Kenya. The most significant inclination for people, especially from this region, is to really invest in Kenya. 

"I am saying this as someone who travels across the country and finds people from this county all over the country. 

"They ask me, when they hear some people talking about, I don't know, seclusion or isolation, they ask me, are you thinking clearly?" Kuria posed.

Ahead of the much-publicized debate, the CS stated that most of those at the meeting would be concerned about revenue allocation to the populous region.

However, Kuria observed that it would be questionable for him, a senior government official, to be among those complaining at the meeting.

"It is a legitimate question and I think the bulk of the people at Limuru III will be justified to talk about one man, one vote, one shilling. 

"What I cannot understand is people like me crying with them, yet I am a cabinet minister," Kuria added.


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