Frank Lampard - Chelsea's record goalscorer

 Frank Lampard - Chelsea's record goalscorer

Frank Lampard is one of the best midfielders of the 2000s. He spent most of his busy career with "Chelsea". Boldly go to and you can earn on every match involving this club.

Together with "Chelsea", Lampard won a lot of titles. Another unusual achievement also belongs to him. Frank is the only player in the history of the "Blues" who twice scored 30+ points on the "goal+pass" system in the APL era. It best proves his importance to the team.

So, as for Lampard, he set his achievements in the 2004/2005 and 2009/2010 seasons. Naturally, "Chelsea" became champions in both cases. Frank's contribution to winning the title was immense.


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Hardly anyone will be surprised by the fact that it is Lampard who is the best scorer in the history of the club. It is remarkable that he managed to score more than 200 goals playing in midfield. It is quite an unusual achievement.

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The main strong qualities of the player

Frank was one of Chelsea's leaders for many years. The team's play in the center of the pitch was built through him. He not only scored himself, but also created moments for partners. All this helped the midfielder score 30+ points twice according to the "goal+pass" system. It is a unique case for the APL. It is easy to follow the matches of this championship even now in a verified office. For your activity, you can get Betyetu free bet. It can be used, including making predictions for "Chelsea" matches.

Returning to Lampard and his achievement, it can be noted that some of the midfielder's strongest playing qualities include:

        ability to make quick decisions on the pitch, thanks to which the midfielder easily outpaced his opponents;

        a good shot, which allowed him to score from any distance;

        good technique and coordination.

Lampard has always been a model of reliability. It is not without reason that he is one of the main legends in the history of "Chelsea". It is easy to watch the club's games even now on a trusted platform. Remember also that Betyetu is a really reliable brand where you can get free bet and other rewards. Whatever sport you are interested in, it will be possible to find interesting offers. Do not be afraid to bet, and the profit will not make you wait long.

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