Football legend, ROBERTO BAGGIO, breaks his silence after he was beaten and locked up by armed robbers

Sunday, June 23, 2024 - Italian football legend, Roberto Baggio has opened up about the 'violence' he and his family suffered after armed robbers launched a 'lighting attack' against them as they watched the Euro 2024 match between Spain and Italy in their home.

Baggio, 57, was at his home in Altavilla Vicentina in Italy when the gang of five broke in at around 10 pm local time last night

While he tried to fight the thugs off, he was hit in the head with a gun before he and his family, made up of his wife, two sons, his mother- and brother-in-law, were locked in a room.

The robbers stole watches, jewellery, and money from the isolated agricultural estate in which he and his family have lived in for 15 years.

The Ballon d'Or winner, who scored 27 goals in 56 caps for his national team was able to break his family out of the room they were locked in, but not before the robbers got away.

According to Corriere della Sera, the robbery took place over 40 minutes.

Baggio was seen walking around his estate today sporting a bandage on his head following the treatment he suffered at the hands of the robbers.

Investigating cops have been handed CCTV footage to assist their inquiry.

Baggio, meanwhile, had to go to a hospital in Arzignano, roughly eight miles from his home, to be treated for his forehead injury, for which he was given stitches.

Speaking to Italian media through his agent Vittorio Petrone, Baggio said: 'First of all, my family and I would like to thank everyone for the great love we have received. Thank you very much.'

'In similar circumstances, anything can happen, and fortunately, the violence suffered only generated a few stitches to my person, bruises and a lot of fear. Now all that remains is to overcome the fear.'

Mr Petrone told Italian media: 'The lightning attack, in full light, did not allow the activation of all the best security systems with which the villa is equipped.

'Now, from what happened, we will further strengthen the daytime detection systems throughout the entire perimeter.

'Only when you are hit do you realize the wounds left by an episode of violence and oppression suffered in your home, together with his family Roberto once again amazed me with the clarity and strength of spirit he expressed immediately following the attack he suffered.

'I am sure that Roberto will once again be the pillar on which his entire family can lean to leave this behind brutal attack. The investigators are working intensely to bring the culprits to justice.'

Diego Fabbi, Baggio's brother-in-law, told reporters outside the villa that he and the rest of the family haven't spoken about the shocking attack.

'We talked little about what happened. They were all watching the match together when the shot occurred. Where did they come in from? That's the problem. We don't know, the criminals found themselves in the living room.

'Roberto's two sons were there and also my mother. The criminals spoke little, it was not clear where they were coming from but they acted well with their hands, beating Roberto. I can't say anything else.'

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