FAROUK KIBET tells GEN Zs that they will be treated like terrorists for trying to overthrow RUTO’s government

Saturday, June 22, 2024 - President William Ruto’s aide, Farouk Kibet, has threatened Gen Z, warning they will be treated like terrorists for attempting to overthrow a legitimate government.

In what can be described as a foolish statement, Kibet, who was not even elected by anybody, stated that those Gen Z demonstrators would be dealt with by the government without mercy.

“These young people calling themselves Gen Z are just a protégé of a terror group who wants to take over the government. 

"There is a powerful force behind the unsuccessful demonstration. 

"We will not allow that. Serikali iko Imara na hatutushwi. 

"President William Ruto will continue executing his mandates because that is what he was elected to do,” Kibet told one of the local blogs.

Farouk Kibet and Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi are among those close to President William Ruto who are causing him to lose popularity, particularly in the Mt. Kenya region and parts of the Rift Valley.

The two uneducated individuals have been portraying opulence and bravado due to their closeness to the Head of state.


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