Don’t give ZAKAYO any chance, push harder – RAILA incites Gen Zs to keep demonstrating every week until RUTO resigns

Sunday, June 30, 2024 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called on the young generation not to relent on their quest for good governance.

In recent years, the young population has been taking it upon itself to pressure the government to drop draconian policies.

The trigger for the movement was the Finance Bill 2024, whose tax propositions were argued as exploitative.

With President William Ruto's determination to have the bill passed in parliament before he signs it into law, the young Kenyans took to the streets to leverage Article 37 of the Kenyan constitution to register their disapproval.

Reacting to the events, Raila observed the mass action protests were timely and sent a bold message to the current regime.

As a result, he called on Kenyans, especially the Gen Zs and Millennials not to give Zakayo another chance but keep fighting for their future.

He urged them to keep demonstrating every week until Ruto resigns.

"I have checked and realized they have been scared. 

"The young people should remain strong and fight all the other issues bedeviling the country besides the Finance Bill 2024. 

"We have many youths who are properly schooled but are yet to be employed," he said.


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