DAVID NDII betrays RUTO like Judas after misleading him as he now supports Gen Zs protest against the Finance Bill – Look!

Friday, June 21, 2024 – President William Ruto’s economic adviser David Ndii has changed his tune and now supports the Gen Z protests against the contentious Finance Bill 2024 even after misleading the president.

This comes days after Ndii played down the effort gathered by the Kenyan netizens bombarding their MPs with calls and messages to review the finance bill, implying that digital activism would yield no result.

Young Kenyans made good their resolve to undertake mass action protests in Nairobi to pressure the parliamentarians to shoot down the Finance Bill 2024.

David Ndii's change of heart comes amid teargas explosions, running battles, and arrests in the city.

The fight was also fuelled on social media where anti-government messaging and hashtags topped the trending topics.

As a result, Ndii incidentally admitted he had been wrong.

He took to X to laud the young generation (popularly known as Gen Z) for taking it upon themselves to demand better from the current regime.

"Well done. I challenged you, and you rose to the occasion. 

"We promised to change our political conversation from politics of personalities and tribes to politics of issues.

" Thank you for helping us deliver. Hapo," he posted.


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