Banissa residents incite Muslims against RAILA with massive demos as they blame BABA for their misfortunes

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 - Residents of Banissa Constituency in Garissa County held massive protests over the weekend, blaming former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for their misfortunes.

Addressing the press, the protesters claimed that Raila Odinga is the reason they are not represented in Parliament after their MP died through a hit and run in Nairobi.

Some of the protesters lamented that developments in the region have been on hold for more than a year since their MP, Kullow Maalim Hassan, passed away in March 2023.

They argued that the by-election, which was expected to take place within 90 days after the declaration of vacancy, was shelved after Raila contested the constitution of the IEBC leadership.

"We had a valid expectation that a by-election would be conducted within 90 days after the declaration of the vacancy in strict adherence to our existing laws. 

"The by-election did not happen because of the obvious reason that the IEBC is not fully constituted," lamented a protester.

"Our hopes of enjoying our constitutional right of having representation in the National Assembly therefore were dashed and it continues diminishing day by day."

"However, three months ago, the people of Banissa Constituency received a glimmer of hope after the recent ruling of the High Court ordering the current IEBC selection panel to appoint the new IEBC Commissioners and chair to enable them to carry their mandate including conducting a by-election for Banissa Constituency," he added.

They lamented that after months of delay, the High Court in February paved the way for the hiring of IEBC chairperson and commissioners but the former Prime Minister opposed the ruling.

"No sooner had the honourable judge read her judgment than the ODM leader thrashed her judgment while demanding that there will be no hiring of IEBC commissioners before the MPs could approve the NADCO report," the protester angrily complained.

"The outburst by the ODM leader in rejecting the court's decision and issuing demands notwithstanding that it has no basis in our existing law, was unfortunate for the people of Banissa and Garissa at large."

"Anyone who blocks the realisation of that right is our enemy as people of Banissa and he has no goodwill of the entire people in this nation," he added.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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