3/4 of his salary was being deducted for child support - Details now emerge how the senior NIS officer who took his own life was frustrated by his wife after divorce.

Friday, June 7, 2024 - Tom Adala, the senior NIS officer who took his own life in Kilimani, fell into depression after his wife walked out of their marriage and started frustrating him.

According to former KTN journalist Saddique Shaban, three-quarters of Adala’s salary was being deducted from his payroll for child support without a court order.

The seasoned journalist wondered who in the administrative hierarchy at NIS authorized the deduction without a court order.

His estranged wife, Habiba Sebi, is also a senior NIS officer at the government’s intelligence agency.

She is believed to have pushed him to his demise after she filed for divorce in court.

Who at the administrative hierarchy at National Intelligence Service authorized a three-quarter deduction on the payroll of Tom Adala for child support without a court order? 

"Did his estranged wife, Habiba Sebi, who also works at NIS, push Tom to his demise?’’ Shaban tweeted.

Adala had told friends that his failed marriage had taken a toll on his mental health, prompting him to seek medical help.

He shot himself in the head at servant’s quarters at his Kilimani home.

The bullet went through the head from the left side and exited from the right.

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