UDA Sec Gen CLEOPHAS MALALAH now reveals plans to set up a school to educate people like OSCAR SUDI and his friends

Friday, May 31, 2024 - United Democratic Alliance Party Secretary General Cleophas Malalah has disclosed that the ruling party is gearing up plans to establish a school to educate its members.

This comes at a time when UDA members are embroiled in wrangles pitting Rift Valley against Mt. Kenya.

Speaking during an interview, Malalah explained that the UDA Leadership School will be instrumental in educating leaders on their roles and teaching them the party manifesto.

According to Malalah, individuals intending to run for elective office using the UDA party ticket would be expected to enroll at the school for a short course before securing the ticket.

"Right now, we are looking at putting the UDA leadership school in place to teach leaders to ensure that the party has leaders who understand their job description. 

"We will ensure that before you get a UDA ticket to run for any elective seat, you must enroll for a short course to learn our manifesto and party policy," Malalah explained.

At the same time, Malalah noted that the school will also mentor young leaders to ensure those exiting the scene are handing over to a competent team.

He disclosed that President William Ruto was intentional about building the party by setting up a strong foundation to cement its top position in the politics of the country.

"The president has prioritised building the party, which is why I was in China to ensure the party's strong foundation. 

"We are also building party structures; we have been able to build our organs like the National Elections Board," he said.


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