The US now raises serious concerns over Kenya's police force ahead of deployment to Haiti

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 – As President William Ruto prepares to deploy Kenyan police to Haiti from 23rd  May this year, the US Government has raised some concerns that are worth considering.

The US Department of Defense has written a proposal to Congress to amend the legislation allowing the special operations authorities to equip and train allied countries in combat against outside forces.

The duties of Special US forces are usually reserved for counterterrorism, border security activities, and counternarcotics operations.

In the proposal, the Defense Department seeks to add resistance and foreign internal defense operations to its mandate.

In particular, the US department referenced Kenya as a prime example, with their security infrastructure in question to counter war-related activities.

“Kenya is a prime example as their conventional and [Special Operations Force] units are growing in capacity, but their security infrastructure and institutional pillars are vulnerable to corruption, subversion, lawlessness, terrorism, and civil war,” notes the proposal by the Pentagon.

The US government had pledged a Ksh13 billion aid towards Kenya's deployment of police forces to Haiti to restore peace within the conflict-riddled country.

As the date for deployment first approaches, the US Pentagon is yet to complete the construction of a base for the officers, raising questions over the project's viability.

Similarly, the US Pentagon raised concern over the Scandinavian and Baltic countries' security, indicating a possible risk of Russian influence.

Congress is set to consider the Pentagon's legislative proposals in the coming weeks ahead.

The first batch of police officers is set to carry 200 police officers, with the rest scheduled to land in Haiti in the following weeks.


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