See how GIDEON MOI's posh LORD ERROL HOTEL that is built on a grabbed river bank looks like – A River will always find its path no matter what!! (VIDEO)


Sunday, May 5, 2024 - A posh hotel owned by KANU Chairman Gideon Moi is one of the hotels that have been closed due to the ongoing floods affecting Nairobi and the rest of the country.

Lord Errol restaurant in Runda was closed after a heavy deluge from a nearby stream stormed it.

According to controversial lawyer, Miguna Miguna, the hotel is built on a grabbed piece of land that had been declared as a riparian section by Runda estate planners.

The Lord Errol, 89 Ruaka Road, Runda, belongs to Gideon Moi.

“It was supposedly an exclusive and expensive restaurant, which Moi built on a grabbed river bank - until nature repossessed and turned it into a floating restaurant where birds, frogs, and reptiles are currently enjoying its fine cuisine.

"LESSON: No matter how much they grab and hoard, in the end, it will be restored to its rightful owners,” Miguna wrote on X (formerly Twitter)

Here is the video of how the hotel looked like last Saturday after heavy rain pounded the city.


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