ROBERT DE NIRO caught in tense run-in with TRUMP supporters outside court house

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 - Actor Robert De Niro had a tense run-in with supporters of former U.S President Donald Trump outside a courthouse in downtown Manhattan, New York City on Tuesday, May 28.

Upon being spotted, some of Trump's supporters shouted "F*** you," and called him a traitor to America and Italians and Jewish people. Other obscenities made mention of Robert's mother.

The actor who was surrounded by security guards as he made his way through the crowd, stopped at one point to yell back, "We're trying to be gentlemen in this world, the Democrats. You are gangsters! F*** you!!!"

Robert was in court on Tuesday on behalf of current U.S President, Joe Biden. He and two former Capitol Police Officers were dispatched to address the media outside the trial. For his part, De Niro made it clear he'd rather not be there, but feels passionately that it's his civic duty to be there to speak out against Trump.

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