NEYMAR slashes teammate RENAN LODI's car tyre as revenge for harmless shoe prank (VIDEO)

Thursday, May 30, 2024 - Neymar slashed his teammate’s tyres in response to a shoelace prank.

The antics came about in Saudi Arabia as Al-Hilal star Neymar sought revenge against teammate and fellow Brazilian Renan Lodi.

Renan had been enjoying a cheeky series of pranks on Neymar over the past few weeks.

In a recent prank, Lodi pinched some pairs of Neymar’s shoes at Al-Hilal’s training ground and then tied knots in the laces.

However, Neymar reacted in the extreme as he was caught on video targeting Lodi's car with a knife in his own prank.

Neymar decided to slash his friend's tyres with a knife.

It left Lodi stranded after a training session, with all the tyres having to be removed and replaced.

Neymar wrote online after slashing Lodi's tyres: “One day of the hunt, the other for the hunter. We're off @renan_lodi.”

And Renan Lodi replied: “Next season is long, I eagerly wait for your Rolls Royce!!”

Meanwhile, fans have said Neymar reacted a bit too harshly for the initial shoe prank.

One said: “Weird response.”

Another declared: “That’s a bit extreme.”

One noted: “A very expensive prank.”

Another added: “Prank season is ON.”

Watch the video below.

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