My personal values no longer align with the direction of the organization - Miss Teen USA steps down just days after Miss USA’s resignation

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - Miss Teen USA has resigned, just days after Miss USA said she would relinquish her crown, sending further shock waves through the pageant community in America.

In an Instagram post, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava said her “personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization.”

“After months of grappling with this decision, I have made the choice to resign from the title of Miss Teen USA 2023,” wrote Srivastava in a statement on her personal account. The high school teen from New Jersey won the pageant back in September and had expressed her pride at being the first Mexican-Indian American to hold the role.

“I look forward to the rest of the year as I finish 11th grade as part of the National Honor Society and start the college application process, knowing that my academic career has been defined by my hard work, and my hard work alone,” she added. She said she would continue her advocacy for education and acceptance alongside work with the Lotus Petal and Bridge of Books foundations.

The pageant responded with an Instagram post, writing that it respected Srivastava’s decision, considered the well-being of titleholders “a top priority,” and that a successor would be named soon.

Her resignation comes after Noelia Voigt stepped down on Monday from her Miss USA title, citing her mental health. When she took the crown in November, Voigt, who is Venezuelan American and from Utah, said she would work to connect with diverse communities across the United States.

“Deep down I know that this is just the beginning of a new chapter for me, and my hope is that I continue to inspire others to remain steadfast, prioritize your mental health, advocate for yourself and others by using your voice, and never be afraid of what the future holds, even if it feels uncertain,” she posted on Instagram.

“Never compromise your physical and mental well-being. Our health is our wealth,” she wrote.

Her post drew speculation from fans that Voigt was sending a hidden message about a non-disclosure agreement, with the first letter of the first 11 sentences of her statement spelling out “I am silenced.”

The resignations also come after the organization’s social media director Claudia Michelle stepped down last week. In an Instagram post, she said she disavows “workplace toxicity and bullying of any kind.”

Her post has raised questions among fans about the culture of beauty pageants and whether aspects need an overhaul.

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