Man hails his highly-educated wife after she decided to change the name on her certificates to his family name

Thursday, May 16, 2024 - A man has praised his highly-educated wife for changing the name on her qualifications to his family name and he disclosed the reason she gave for her action.

Themba Tom Ntuli, from South Africa, said his wife was already busy with her studies when they met and her qualifications are in her maiden name.

They got married in 2020 and the wife, who had changed her surname to his family name, recently told him that she will also change the name on her certificate to his family name.

The reason she gave is so his mother can have an educated daughter.

Facebook users have responded with mixed reactions.

Some questioned if the woman's parents who sponsored her education to that level do not deserve an educated daughter. Others asked why the man's mother couldn't send her own daughter to school so she could have an educated daughter with the family name.

Some men said they wouldn't allow their sister to do such.

However, others defended the woman and called her a “good woman”.

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