Man arrested 'after groping an air hostess during a flight to Spain

Saturday, May 4, 2024 - A man has been arrested after allegedly indecently assaulting an air stewardess on a flight to Spain

The 26-year-old British tourist was held after the employee for the Jet2 airline complained she had been groped in mid-air.

Civil Guard officers were waiting for the plane when it touched down at Palma Airport yesterday from Manchester after the pilot radioed ahead to say the unnamed Brit, who was travelling with a friend and was drinking, had caused problems during the flight by bothering other passengers, shouting and vaping while on board.

Officers had originally intended to remove the troublesome passenger from the plane and report him for breaching air security so he could be fined.

But they proceeded to arrest him on suspicion of sexual assault after a British air stewardess on the flight said he had touched her up and made lewd comments to her.

He was kept in a cell overnight before being hauled to court earlier today so he could be questioned by an investigating judge.

Ahead of his court appearance, his phone was confiscated from him after it emerged he had used it to take videos while he was on the plane, in case it contained evidence.

There has been no official comment yet from court officials in Palma.

But it is understood he was freed after the magistrate decided the allegations made against him had to be dealt with in the UK because the incident happened in the air and involved British nationals and a British airline.

The holidaymaker, who told police he couldn't remember what had happened on the flight, declined to answer questions from the judge.

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