MALALA hits OSCAR SUDI below the belt after he threw jabs at him –This will even embarrass the President

Friday, May 31, 2024 - United Democratic Alliance(UDA) Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, has responded to Kapsaret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, who abused him on Wednesday when he threatened to discipline him for undermining Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Using the X social network to unleash a tirade against Malala, Sudi questioned his capacity to substantively steer the ruling party and order members around.

Seeming to suggest Malala was a below-par secretary general, Sudi told him that he is "an elevated MCA suffering from illusory superiority, thinking he matches Raphael Tuju's calibre."

In a rebuttal on Thursday, Malala said it was not Sudi who wrote that message because he is very poor in English and he also knows his handwriting.

"When I saw that tweet I laughed it off because I knew it was not him who wrote it. I would urge him to communicate with his communications team, which is handling his Twitter account, to seek his approval before posting anything on his account,” Malala said.

"I am certain MP Sudi is a respectable leader, and he is my friend. It is not him who tweeted that tweet I know his handwriting. 

"I would urge all those MCAs who felt belittled to understand that it was not Sudi who tweeted that," Malala added.


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