King CHARLES and Queen CAMILLA's 'secret son' posts Facebook photos in fresh bid to prove royal heritage

Friday, May 3, 2024 - The man who claims to be King Charles III's secret son has shared some images in a fresh bid to prove his heritage.

British-born Simon Charles Dorante-Day now lives in Australia and believes he is the illegitimate son of Charles and Queen Camilla.

Mr Dorante-Day previously claimed his adoptive mother, who used to work for Queen Elizabeth II, told him he was Charles and Camilla's son on her deathbed.

He was adopted when he was about eight-months-old in 1966 in Portsmouth - Charles would have been 17 and Camilla 18 at the time.

Mr Dorante-Day has made repeated requests for DNA tests to prove his claims but the royal family has remained silent over the years.

On Wednesday, May 1, Mr Dorante-Day took to Facebook to share some snaps of his face next to Charles and Camilla's.

He wrote: "One good thing about them becoming King and Queen is that we get a lot more images to compare with, from many different angles.

"The more I see, the more they look like thee. It's been a while since we've done one, even though I've received many!

"So, many features I can trace, not just to me but to our children, and with many members of both families! The more weight Charles loses from his face the more he looks like me!"

Mr Dorante-Day has more than 27,000 followers on Facebook, many of whom believe he is the King and Queen's illegitimate child.

One person commented on this recent post: "Definitely so much resemblance to the King and Queen. The other day I saw some recent photos/footage of Prince William and the resemblance to you is incredible."

A second said: "I believe you....I've believed you for years." While a third wrote: "You are a good mix of both your parents. It’s hard to deny what everyone can see. As always, I hope one day you get your answers."

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