"I'm an alien. But nobody believes me" ELON MUSK tells tech enthusiasts

Monday, May 27, 2024 - Elon Musk told a meeting of global techies that he is an alien.

The Tesla, X and SpaceX multi-billionaire made the claim at VivaTech in Paris, France – a worldwide summit for technological start-ups.

An event host asked him: “Some people believe that you are an alien?”

Musk, 52, laughed and replied: “I am an alien – yes, I keep telling people I'm an alien. But nobody believes me.”

Speaking remotely via webcam Musk, added that if he could provide proof of alien life he would share it on X, formerly Twitter.

Musk was officially born in Transvaal, South Africa, in 1971 and also boasts US and Canadian citizenship.

Speaking at the event, Musk went on to warn that artificial intelligence posed a more immediate problem than ETs for humans – predicting bots would wipe out every job on Earth.

“Probably none of us will have a job,” he stated.

He said future employment would be optional and jobs could become hobbies, as AI and robots would provide all necessary goods and services.

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