Gloves off as WAMUCHOMBA lambasts Governor WAIGURU for ‘sitting pretty’ and defending RUTO’s Government as KIKUYUS suffer – LOOK!

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - Githunguri Member of Parliament Gathoni Wamuchomba has attacked Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru as the battle for Mt Kenya region succession intensifies.

In a social media post on Wednesday, Wamuchomba criticized the governor, stating that she was in no position to lecture the region's leaders on matters of succession. 

Wamuchomba added that the governor should either join them in their search for a kingpin or remain quiet.

The MP, who has been leading an onslaught against President William Ruto's administration, criticized the Council of Governors chairperson over what she termed as ‘sitting pretty in leadership’ while her people suffer from economic challenges.

“Dear Governor Waiguru, with much respect stop lecturing us on who should speak about what Mt. Kenya Region. 

"You are the Chair of the Council of Governors sitting pretty as we struggle with the rising economic stress, closing businesses, alcoholism and neglect of projects by the Kenya Kwanza regime which you are now defending online,” she said.

Wamuchomba went on to reprimand Waiguru following her trip to the United States in the company of President Ruto, pointing out that her focus should be to ensure she brings home goodies rather than giving political directions.

“Now that you are in the USA with the presidential jet, enjoy the ride quietly but ask those wazungu to give you money to complete our projects na sio LOANS! 

"And by the way here at home we are speaking the language of One Man One Shilling while you are away. 

"Prepare to either Join us or shut up!” said Wamuchomba.

According to the lawmaker, Waiguru has been mum on the issues affecting her people and has not used her position as the CoG chair to root for resources for her people.

She blames the governor for not voicing out the problems ailing both Dairy and Coffee farmers in Central Kenya and the stalled government projects.


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