Exposing rogue Nairobi County staff, GEOFFREY MUTURI, who works in cahoots with Chinese developers to cut trees in the leafy suburbs - He threatened a city resident who confronted him (VIDEOs).

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - A concerned city resident confronted a rogue Nairobi County staff who had accompanied Chinese developers in one of the leafy suburbs of Nairobi, where they cut trees to pave the way for a construction project.

The arrogant staff identified as Geoffrey Muturi works in the environment department.

Instead of conserving the environment, he is helping the greedy developers in destroying the ecosystem.

He threatened to beat up the woman after she confronted him for aiding the Chinese developers in engaging in illegal activities in Kilimani.

“Stop recording me. I will beat you and break your phone,” the arrogant man is heard saying in the video while supervising the Chinese developers cutting trees.

It is believed that he had the blessings of Governor Sakaja.

Watch the videos.

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