Disgraced music mogul, DIDDY, allegedly beat a record executive bloody for dating his ex-KIM PORTER

Thursday, May 30, 2024 - Disgraced music mogul, Diddy allegedly broke a chair over a music executive’s head and left him bloody for dating his ex Kim Porter.

That is one of the new allegations revealed in an extensive investigation of the music mogul published on Wednesday, May 29.

Combs was reportedly enraged at Porter’s romance with music executive Shakir Stewart. In the summer of 2000, as music industry bigs celebrated L.A. Reid’s wedding in Italy, Combs went to Stewart’s room after the ceremony and broke a chair over his head, Rolling Stone reported.

“He left him bleeding on a hotel floor in Italy,” the alleged victim’s mother Portia Stewart was quoted as saying. “He had to have stitches.”

Combs wasn’t done, she said. He threatened to kill Stewart.

“That’s when I said you need to get out of this business,” Portia Stewart told Rolling Stone.

“This man is crazy.”

Two close friends corroborated the story to the publication.

Stewart committed suicide in 2008 and Porter died of pneumonia in 2018.

Rolling Stone interviewed dozens of former associates ranging from friends to acquaintances and employees, along with industry insiders and artists with Bad Boy Records, the label Combs founded in 1993. In all, more than 50 people agreed to be interviewed for the lengthy exposé, many of them off the record, the magazine said.

Diddy’s alleged problematic behavior dated back at least to his days at Howard University, when he would tap on a classroom window to entice his girlfriend to ditch class and come outside, her former schoolmates told Rolling Stone.

He faced several lawsuits and numerous accusations of rape and abuse occurring over the ensuing decades. One of those came from Cassie Ventura, who last year filed suit accusing him of rape, sex trafficking and years of abuse.

Earlier this month, CNN aired footage captured by a hotel surveillance camera of him beating Ventura in 2016. Combs apologized for what was caught on tape.

An expired statute of limitations means Combs cannot be prosecuted for the attack, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said after the video’s release.

On March 25, federal agents raided Combs’ properties in Miami and Los Angeles as part of a sex trafficking investigation. He may face a federal grand jury indictment in New York City, according to witnesses who said they have been called to testify. 

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