Couple in disarray as the church cancels their wedding after the bride's pregnancy test came back positive

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - A Couple was thrown into a state of confusion after their church suspended their wedding plans.

An X user, who is a member of the church, shared the story online and said the couple's wedding scheduled for this Saturday was cancelled after the bride's pregnancy test conducted by the church came back positive.

The X user wrote

‘Wedding is Saturday, asoebi is ready, money has been spent everywhere and anywhere.

Today, pregnancy test result conducted by the church came positive

Church has decided they won't wed them... In fact they have been slammed suspension.

This evening just tire me abeg, midweek service turned to another thing. I'm even wondering what pastor's wife means by "as a departmental head you're supposed to have followed things up to avert this kind of occurrence" like how am i supposed to determine my department members life or actions???

In this case as the guy what will u do? Obey church verdict n cancel the wedding or seek alternative n shun the church.''

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