Britain's fattest man who hasn't left home in 8 years due to 47 stone weight dies from organ failure days before his 34th birthday

Sunday, May 5, 2024 - Britain's heaviest man has died from organ failure just days before celebrating his 34th birthday, his mother has revealed.

Jason Holton from Surrey had been stuck in his house for eight years because of his 47 stone frame but the 33-year-old died last Saturday after doctors were unable to prevent his organs from failing.

His mother Leisa told The Sun that he had 'started to go downhill' after his kidneys stopped working.

'He's probably had about eight lives and I thought the doctors would be able to save him again, but sadly it wasn't possible,' she said.

Jason was reportedly transferred from his home to Royal Surrey County Hospital by a special ambulance which six firefighters had to carry him to.

His mother said he was put on kidney dialysis and an IV drip but that his organs continued to fail.

Doctors then told him he would pass away within a week, she said, and he passed away on Saturday.

The coroner's report stated that he died from organ failure and obesity.

He told TalkTV in October: 'I believe time's over for me in general. I'm coming up 34 now. I know I've got to try something.'

At his peak, he weighed more than 50st and dubbed himself 'Britain's fattest man'.

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