You cannot attack government and go scot-free - GACHAGUA orders police to terrorize entire village for attacking police officers

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 – In a shocking turn of events, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has ordered the police to terrorize an entire village for attacking the government.

Speaking during a hospital visit to see the Juja OCS John Misoi who was shot with an arrow by villagers while leading a raid on the production of illicit brew in the Gachochoro area in Kiambu County, Gachagua ordered the police commander to reign on the village which attacked police officers. 

He termed the incident as an attack on the government, following the arrest of 53 people involved in the incident. 

“The people need to know that you cannot attack police officers, and we will not allow it,” he stated.

“Commander, you must move swiftly, and clean up that village, because this impunity is of the highest order, and not acceptable,” Gachagua added. 

The second in command further highlighted reforms set to be implemented in July 2024, to support officers injured in the line of work. 

Offering his support, Gachagua also donated an undisclosed amount of money to the OCs’s wife to support the family while the husband was recuperating.

“Here is a card for you to get better, we have reforms that will be implemented from July, and we are even looking at the issues of insurance for officers injured in the line of duty, and to ensure officers risking their lives have their families protected,” Gachagua noted. 

Explaining the intensity of the injuries sustained by the police boss, the surgeon in charge noted that the arrow damaged tendons in the knee cap. 

“We received the patient with a severe knee injury having been shot with a missile which was an arrow, and we were able to stabilise him in time,” the surgeon noted. 

The police boss was taken to Thika Level Five Hospital, before being transferred to a private health facility for surgery. 


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