Watch the dramatic moment KDF soldiers beat up police officers like toddlers at Likoni Ferry as the members of the public watched - This is embarrassing (VIDEO).

Sunday, April 28, 2024 - Members of the public were treated to a dramatic incident after Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officers were involved in a scuffle with police officers at the Likoni Ferry Island.

The heavily armed KDF special operations brigade was headed to the Kenya Navy Mtongwe base when they faced off with the police at the Likoni Ferry Island.

Word has it that the KDF officers first attacked a private guard at the ferry, attracting the attention of the police on duty.

When the police officers went to find out the cause of the initial scuffle, the KDF officers turned their rage on the police officers.

Members of the public at some point sided with the police and called out the KDF soldiers.

The soldiers were heard in the viral video accusing the police of charging their rifles against them thus prompting their violent reaction.

The injured officers and guards were taken to hospital as investigators started their probe.

Watch the video.


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