Throwback video of AOKI LEE SIMMONS telling her father she would get a SUGAR DADDY if he doesn't increase her allowance

Monday, April 8, 2024
 – An old video of model Aoki Lee Simmons telling her father, Russell Simmons, that she would get a sugar daddy if he didn't raise her allowance has resurfaced.

The video came up again after it emerged that 21-year-old Aoki, a Harvard graduate, is dating 65-year-old Restaurateur Vittorio Assaf.

Photos of Aoki and Assaf kissing during a romantic getaway to St. Barts made news headlines and shocked many.

In the throwback video which has now emerged, Aoki is seen on a live video with her father, Russell Simmons.

“If you don't raise my budget, I'm going to get a sugar daddy,” Aoki said to her father.

“I'm kidding. I'm sorry, I'm kidding,” she quickly added.

Evidently shocked, Russell asked: “What did you say?

“You don't even have sugar daddy capabilities, right? aren't you a V (virgin)?”

Russell then goes on to tell Aoki that she makes money as a model but Aoki responded that the money from modelling isn't enough.

Watch the video below.

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