This is why DONALD KIPKORIR is the best lawyer in the Country – The man is principled and not corrupt like many lawyers

Friday, April 12, 2024
- Kenya will be a good country if all lawyers can behave like flamboyant lawyer, Donald Kipkorir.

Kipkorir, who was once a lawyer of the late former President Daniel Moi, has shared an insight on how he is not corrupt like his fellow lawyers who are always uncouth and unprofessional.

He said whenever he visits a hotel or a restaurant, he never promotes a brand or a drink despite having over 1.4 million followers on social media.

Kipkorir, who is a millionaire, said his job as a lawyer and a social media analyst is to hold leaders in Government accountable.

“As a matter of principle, I have never & will never take money or services or payment in kind or howsoever to promote a brand or restaurant or drink or any product or service.”

“It is why I never post the type of wine I drink or the place I have visited.”

“I only talk of a place or brand if I get shoddy service or product.”

“I am in this public square (agora in Greek) to discuss ideas & hold those in power to account.”

“To those that chose public office, we must hold their feet to the fire!” the respected lawyer wrote on his X on Friday.


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