‘She wanted to be a Mom’ - JOYNER LUCAS reveals he dated ASHANTI and had conversations about having kids together before she got back with NELLY

Friday, April 12, 2024
 – Rapper, Joyner Lucas has finally spilled the beans about his past relationship with singer, Ashanti.

Rumours about the two artists dating started to emerge when she appeared as the leading lady in his music video, “Falling Slowly (Evolution) in 2020.

Over the last four years, fans have envied their chemistry on the video despite their eight-year difference.

While talking to Jason Lee on his self-titled show, Lucas called Ashanti “dope” and said she was easy to love.

He claimed that the two had chats about having children but they broke up because he felt the two weren’t at the same place.

“Yeah so, you dated Ashanti. How was that?” Lee asked after discussing Nick Cannon and his 12 children.

“It was dope. She’s a really dope person. She really is. She is an amazing person,” Lucas said.

Lee then asked how they got together since both are private about their relationships, and Lucas, 35, replied,

“I’m a private n—ga. I don’t really be talking about it, but what I will say is that she’s an amazing person and I’m super happy for her.”

“She’s about to have a baby. I’m just excited, I know how much you wanted to be a mom.”

After Lucas commented on Ashanti’s desire to be a mother, Lee immediately jumped on the comment and said, “How did you know?”

“I mean, we had those conversations,”, before stating that he was “not in a place” in his life that he wanted to have a child.

Lee asked, “You guys talked about having a baby together?”

Affirming that they did, Lucas went on to say “We talked about a lot of s—t.”

“I would say I loved her, for sure. She’s a very easy person to be in love with though,” the recording artist said. “She’s dope, a super dope person and I’m not just saying that.”

When asked how he let her get away, he said, “I knew that what she wanted and what she needed, I don’t feel like I could have fulfilled that at that time.”

“I’m happy she got away, you know,” Lucas expressed. “I’m happy that she ended up going and spinning the block with Nelly. And now she’s having a baby. I’m super proud of her.”

Lucas admitted they never had any issues but he wasn’t prepared to move to New York away from his two children. He said, he “knew what she needed, which is what she has now” with Nelly.

Nelly and Ashanti have not spoken about intentions to get married, but have been happily in love since reuniting. The “Body on Me” collaborators dated on and off for 10 years in the early 2000s at the peak of both of their music careers.

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