RUTO now reveals how his wife, RACHEL, and daughter, CHARLENE, defied his direct order not to attend General OGOLLA’s burial

Monday, April 22, 2024 - President William Ruto has revealed he was surprised at how much the late Chief of Defence Forces General Francis Ogolla inspired his family.

Speaking during Ogolla's burial, Ruto revealed that he had directed his daughter Charlene Ruto not to attend the burial or even speak at the event.

He noted that he was surprised to see her speaking at the funeral explaining how much the late General inspired her alongside other young Kenyans.

"I was surprised, amazed actually that my daughter was greatly influenced by Ogolla. Yesterday, she (Charlene) called me, she is here, and she told me I must go to the funeral of General Ogolla."

"I told her, Charlene first there is nowhere you are going and there is no way you are going to speak anywhere. But as fate would have it, she found her way here and before I could notice she was on the microphone," Ruto remarked.

During Charlene's speech, Ruto was in awe and later burst into laughter when she finished and proceeded to her seat.

Charlene reminisced on her conversations with the late CDF, adding that he was a mentor for most young Kenyans.

On the other hand, the Head of State noted that he had asked his wife, Rachel Ruto to take a rest since she was at the procession of the late CDF held on Saturday.

However, Rachel insisted on attending the funeral to comfort Ogolla's wife and her children during these trying times.

Ruto pointed out that these were just a few examples of the impact Ogolla had on the nation through his leadership and personality.


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