RIC HASSANI questions the values of young kids who try to get attention by being "disrespectful, negative, and uncouth"

Monday, April 29, 2024 - Ric Hassani is questioning the values of young people who believe they have to be negative to get attention.

He wrote on X: "I don’t know who lies to these poor kids that to “get someone’s attention” you can be disrespectful, negative, uncouth.

“These are lies of the devil. Kindness, Politeness, Respect, Maturity and just plain old “Courtesy” is of more value but it’s becoming more unpopular by the day. I don’t know again honestly."

He added: “I will maintain my values, hopefully I keep finding and attracting people of similar values so that WE now become the popular ones, and all these other guys become the “un-cool” ones.”

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