Moment footballer tries to kiss his teammate's wife on Live TV

Monday, April 8, 2024
 – Newcastle football star, Bradman Best, was embarrassed on live TV when he tried to kiss Millie Boyle after his team's win on Friday night, April 5.

After the win, Best granted an interview to NRLW star, Millie Boyle.

In the middle of the interview, Best tried to grab Boyle by the waist and moved in to kiss her on the cheek, only for her to back off slightly while telling him, "Go and put a shirt on and, um... we'll chat to someone else. Congrats on the win."

Boyle is married to Best's teammate, Adam Elliott, who also starred in the match.

Prior to that, Boyle had greeted Best with a kiss on the cheek and asked him about the shocking weather the match was played in, with heavy rain leaving the playing surface more like a swimming pool than a footy ground.

"Have you ever played in conditions like that?" she asked.

Best replied: "I was just saying to the boys I don't think I've ever played in that sort of weather. It was torrential, but glad we got the points."

Boyle and Elliott became the NRL's ultimate power couple when they were married in October last year.

Watch video below.

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