Man drags teen by the hair and stomps on her in brutal attack that landed her in hospital (VIDEO)

Wednesday, April 25, 2024 – A teenager is recovering in hospital after she was attacked while working at McDonald’s.

Aryiah Lynch, 15, was dragged around by her hair and had her head stomped on while she lay on the ground earlier this month.

Johnny Ricks, 25, is alleged to have become angry while ordering from the counter and threw a plastic tray, breaking an electric menu board on April 7.

Aryiah tried to escort him out of the McDonald’s in St Louis, Missouri, along with the group of adults he was with, but a fight broke out and he grabbed her by the braids, dragging her to the ground before he stomped on her head on the concrete.

Aryiah tried to get up but was punched repeatedly by Ricks several more times.

She suffered a skull fracture, frontal lobe damage, a broken nose, many lacerations and a concussion, her mother Shawnunique Phillips wrote.

Aryiah said: “Getting stomped out by a grown man? I wasn’t prepared for what was gonna happen… I was just trying to protect myself in the moment.”

Aryiah Lynch underwent a successful surgery.

She is on bed rest and hopes to return to work, said her mother, adding that she is very independent, loves school and was looking forward to graduating.

The assault was a “life-changing experience” for Lynch.

Her mother said: "She is a 15-year-old ambitious young lady, who enjoys spending time with her siblings and working at McDonald’s. She is saving money for her upcoming birthday.

“Please keep Aryiah in your prayers and let's help to uplift her in the most positive way to help her remain in good spirits.”

Ricks was arrested days later and initially charged with second-degree assault and property damage, according to the St Louis County Justice Center.

He is being held on a $150,000 bond and is not allowed to contact Lynch or go within 500 feet of any McDonald’s.

“I just want him in jail and charges to be pressed,” Lynch said.

Johnny Ricks, from north St. Louis County, now faces a first-degree felony assault charge, the closest charge to attempted murder permitted under Missouri law.

An updated complaint filed Monday, April 22, by prosecutors in St. Louis County contains the amended allegations.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, April 25.

Watch a video of the attack below.

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