Man, 33, dismembered teen college student, 19, after she met him for a date night

Monday, April 14, 2024
 – A man from Milwaukee, US, allegedly murdered a college student after a date and then dismembered her body with a saw and spread the remains across the city, according to court documents.

Maxwell Anderson, 33, was charged with murder on Friday, April 12, for allegedly killing 19-year-old Sade Carleena Robinson, who vanished after excitedly heading out for a date allegedly with him on April 1.

Robinson was studying criminal justice at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

She reportedly chatted with an employee in her apartment building about how excited she was to be going on a date that night, according to a criminal complaint against Anderson.

"I’m feeling seafood," she texted the suspect before the pair met up to eat.

When Robinson failed to show up at the pizza joint where she worked the next day, friends and coworkers began to raise alarms.

Police made a welfare check at her home but failed to find Robinson.

On April 3 Robinson’s car, a 2020 Honda Civic, was discovered severely burnt on a North Milwaukee street corner.

The remains of clothing that matched the outfit she’d worn to the date were found scorched inside.

Later that day, a human leg which had been “sawn off” was found miles away on Lake Michigan beach park, with DNA matching it to Robinson, according to the complaint.

Days later, a foot and pieces of human flesh were discovered in several locations near where Robinson’s car was found.

Anderson was arrested on April 4 after surveillance footage and witness accounts linked him to the date night with Robinson, and an apparent effort to hide her remains.

Workers at the Twisted Fisherman restaurant confirmed the pair dined there on April 1 before heading to a downtown bar.

Robinson’s phone indicated she went to Anderson’s home after 9 p.m., the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

After midnight her phone began to ping at several locations across Milwaukee, before finally dying around 4:30 a.m. near the beach park where her severed leg was discovered.

Footage from the park showed a car matching Robinson’s and a person walking back and forth from the car to the beach.

Hours later the burnt Honda was found miles north, and Anderson was seen riding a bus away from the area towards his home.

"The Defendant intentionally killed and then dismembered Robinson with the intent to conceal the homicide, and it occurred between the arrival at the Defendant’s residence and his departure from the Warnimont Park area," the complaint says, according to CNN.

A search for the rest of Robinson’s remains is ongoing.

Her family is distraught over the painful way she died.

Robinson’s mother, Sheena Scarbrough, called Anderson a "sick son of a bitch" after he was charged.


"Who the **** would do something like this to my beautiful baby? She hurt nobody. She harmed nobody," she said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The suspect has at least three convictions for domestic incidents dating back to 2014, including an incident where he beat a man who intervened while Anderson was arguing with a woman on a public street.

He now faces charges of first-degree homicide, mutilating a corpse, and arson.

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