KINDIKI and DUALE on the receiving end as KDF and Police Officers beat the hell out of each other – Look! This is shameful

Monday, April 29, 2024 – Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki and his Defence counterpart, Aden Duale, have been on the receiving end lately following the recent clashes between the Kenya Defence Forces and the Kenya Police.

Kenyan leaders and citizens have accused Duale and Kindiki of inaction despite a rise in cases of fights between KDF and the Kenya Police.

In the latest fallout, a soldier reportedly stormed a police station, beat up police officers, and set a prisoner free.

Separately, a video went viral on Saturday, showing a contingent of military officers engaged in a scuffle with police officers at the Likoni Ferry.

In the last month, at least three incidents of fallout between KDF soldiers and the police have been recorded prompting a response from the communications department of both arms.

Kenyans are, however, concerned by the two CSs whom they accuse of remaining mum despite the incidents showing signs of getting out of hand.

While sharing one of the incidents, former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko challenged the two cabinet secretaries to take charge and rein in on officers causing the commotion.

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna also chimed in explaining that the fallout is a result of decades-long systemic institutional chaos.

Kenyan citizens, on the other hand, were concerned that the fracas was derailing the officers from their duties of protecting civilian lives.

In the twin incidents that occurred on Saturday, the Kenya Defence Forces communications arm noted that investigations have already kicked off.

A video clip that went around on Saturday showed five on-duty servicemen beat up police officers and security officers stationed at Likoni Ferry.

The other incident saw a KDF officer stationed at Garissa storm a police station at Rabai Sub-County, Kilifi County, and free a suspect who was his cousin.

Earlier, Police officers in Turkana arrested KDF soldiers who they accused of slapping and disarming a traffic police officer at a roadblock mid-this month.


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