I have a list of Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, MPs and Senators with fake academic papers – GACHAGUA tells RUTO

Thursday, April 18,2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has admitted that there are many senior government officials and state officers who have fake academic papers.

Speaking during the Third National Wage Bill conference on Wednesday,  Gachagua said his informers in River Road have given him a list of state officers who have fake degrees and certificates.

The list, Gachagua said, was handed to him by some individuals from Nairobi’s River Road who claimed they helped the officials obtain the certificates.

River Road has over the years been linked to the processing of counterfeit academic certificates and other documents.

He said the operatives who handed him the list had also approached him with a promise to help him secure a degree certificate.

“I'm not really concerned about the issue of papers because I don’t want to go the River Road route...mimi natosheka na ile kidogo niko nayo,” the DP said.

“I have been complaining that I'm lonely at the top because my boss has three degrees, Comptroller of State House has three yet I have one so these River Road people have been looking for me,” Gachagua revealed.

“They are telling me 'you are the deputy president what are you complaining about yet we have helped many people?... We have helped so and so and so'", Gachagua said.

The DP said he would submit the list of the said individuals to the President.


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